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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 20, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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interviews with eight local stations further frustrating a white house press corps denied access to the demander in chief's tea party with golfer tiger woods. >> i doubt there's ever been a white house press corps that's been wholly satisfied with the level of access they've been afforded but we work closely with all of you to try to provide access to the president. >> from the green back to the white house, one day after surrounding himself with first responders the president will use the local tv interviews to arm up the hurt he started to lay down yesterday on the gop. >> republicans in congress face a simple choice, are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education and health care and national security and all of the jobs that depend on it, or would they rather put hundreds and thousands of jobs and our entire economy at risk just to protect a few special interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations?
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that's the choice. >> the other side of the political game of chicken, house speaker john boehner in an op-ed calling the sequester a product of the president's own failed leadership and in the middle of that red meat rhetoric, a warning from leon panetta that the pentagon is preparing for furloughs even as obama hammers republicans on the sequester, he's reaching out on immigration. he placed calls to marco rubio, and john mccain -- >> they are sticking their necks out on this issue. what is frustrating for them, which you saw expressed in some of the things rubio said and paul ryan has said in the last couple of days, if they are going to stick their necks outs, they want to feel they have a partner with the white house. >> joining me right now is democratic congressman eric shifz zer. let's dive in to bring everybody up to speed on where we stand with nine days out on the quester. interesting with the piece out
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by john boehner, carney has tweeted out, speaker boehner is rewriting history in the op-ed for getting he said i got 98% of what i wanted when he and 173 house rs voted for the sequester. are you surprised by the game of chicken being played in washington, d.c., especially when it comes to the amount of cuts that are coming on march 1st? >> i wish i could say i'm surprised but we've seen enough over the last year and a half not to be surprised by yet another impasse. and i think this is really a lot about damaging members of his congress. they want cuts and embracing the sequester, many of them. this is a way of managing the tea party element in his caucus, but it's going to be very damaging to the country and i think in terms of where the president is, he has offered to compromise on this. he's offered to split the difference between new revenues and additional cuts, and in fact, so far in about the 2
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trillion and deficit reduction we've been, it's about 2-1 more cuts in revenues. i think the american people the president is willing to compromise and has compromised but the gop for their own internal reasons feels they can't compromise and this is good politics for them. but i think they are mistaken. >> in further reading of the op-ed, he goes on to say the republicans willingness to do what is necessary to save the programs is well known, after four years we haven't seen the same type of courage from the president. obviously the speaker there talking about the defense department cuts needed and the burj onning fight over medicare and medicaid and social security. do you think there is a time to compromise needed to move forward? >> probably not before the march 1st deadline, but we have deadline coming up at the end of march and that is a potential government shutdown. my guess is that the fix of the sequester will be rolled into a fix on the government shutdown
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issue. and we'll have at least a year long plan, i hope at least a year long but we do need something longer term than that. we need a permanent fix to the fiscal issues and it shouldn't be that hard. if both parties are willing to compromise, it isn't that hard. it's not pleasant because we're not making a lot of new investments, it's mostly cuts and new revenues but frankly it's what the congress is supposed to be doing making these tough decisions. right now though, i think the difficulty is the president and democrats in congress don't really have a negotiating partner. the fight is within the gop itself. and this is most clear within the house where the speaker is trying to remain speaker and trying to keep control of his conference. until they become of one mind it's hard to know who we're negotiating with. >> i want to talk about that. the "washington post" matt miller has an article and the title is dumb and dumber on sequester. if you look at this, it says it's hard to know which is stupider, the coming sequester
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cuts or arguments being made to avoid them. if you talk about not having a good faith negotiating partner, is it more about 2014 and midterm elections than it is about doing the business that's at hand? and basically the business at hand that was put together and approved, most of the dna held by republicans on this sequester? >> it is more about politics than what the nation needs because they are dumb cuts. they are across the board. they are indiscriminate and cut good programs equally with bad programs and cut efficient programs with inefficient ones, it's the last way you would want to make reductions in the deficit. both parties agree on that. but i think that for the gop and i don't know whether it's looking forward to the next midterms or looking backward at who they think they elected them to the gerrymandered districts. many of the gop colleagues feel they have a mandate to just say
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no at any cost and they are willing to shed jobs and put unemployment on a back burner in order to do it. it's hard for me to fathom that kind of idealogical rigidity but it's there and the speaker has to cope with it. frankly the speaker at heart is more of a prag ma tist but has a very unpragmatic conference to run and if he wants to remain speaker, he has to placate the tea party wing. one last point, thomas, i think our economy is poised to finally take off if the government would just get out of the way and stop manufacturing these crises every month or three months or six months. and it isn't rocket science and something that has to be done. i hope the president going over the heads of congress and appealing to the american people will put the pressure on the gop to come to the table and gri gr
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reasonable compromise. >> we want to bring in our power panel. political editor for the grio and republican strategist alice stewart. great to have you all here. i want to start off with what we know about the president reaching across the aisle, not so much about the sequester but immigration. we watched during that sequester remark statement by the president where he said his door is always open. and then made phone calls in the afternoon to part of the immigration eight, three of the republicans on that panel, we've got mccain, rubio and lindsay graham. it's interesting because marco rubio is overseas in the middle east. ali alice, marco rubio has said he feels good about the ongoing negotiations in the senate and it hopeful the final product is something that can pass with strong bipartisan support. the president reaching out on immigration while hammering the gop over the sequester.
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what do you think about the carrot and stick strategy? >> i think that the concern is that i think it's a great thing the president did reach out as he said, we have rubio and mccain and graham sticking their neck out on this issue. it's good they had a conversation but we do know the president met with the democrat members of gang of eight hoping to bang out this immigration plan last week. why didn't he talk with republicans at that point? then over the weekend we have this quote, leaked document that came out and republicans are finding out about this after the fact. that flies in the face of having any real conversation. and if the president really wants the gang of eight and members of congress to work on immigration, he needs to let them do it and not wave his plan and what he's looking at doing out there to kind of stiffle the progress. >> take a look at this real conversation, the exchange between senator john mccain and a guest at one of his town halls yesterday. >> why didn't the army go down
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there and stop them? because the only thing that stops them, i'm afraid to say and it's too damned bad, but is a gun, that's all that will stop them. >> the border is 2,000 miles long sir. i don't know how many troops and army people you think would have been required. i don't know how many you think would be required but i'll give you expert information that shows you that probably maybe you're talking about 2 million soldiers. >> he handles himself well on the front lines of this conversation. does he sound more like chuck schumer or senator durbin with his response? >> i think he's trying to thread a difficult needle. arizona is a more red state to say the least. it's a very passionate issue, especially among mccain's base. and other republicans understand that when it comes to the future of the republican party, they cannot have another demographic time bomb explode on them. if they don't act on immigration, that what they will
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face. i think they are smart in the sense of trying to go out there and build some support, not only in the home states but nationally and then obviously the more difficult part within the republican party and that's where these divisions are really emerging. i know they want to criticize the white house and easy for them to do, why the white house hasn't reached out even when they do, putting that aside, it's they as a party that have got to decide what is their vision and position on immigration? if they want to get it done, they clearly can. if they don't, then they are going to create the problem themselves. >> in the "washington post," kathleen parker wrote this saying that rinos need to take back the republican party. why should they hang their head in shame and be relegated to the fringes in the party? isn't it time to reclaim the salt lick. they need to be centrist and unapologetically sane. what do you expect? do you think that's what's to come as we watch the immigration reform debate going on and
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sequester, meanwhile gun violence debate going on at the same time? rinos showing up or what? >> i don't know -- the more moderate members of the party, marco rubio clearly wants to run for president eventually is taking this immigration issue first and leading on the issue tells me he's trying to move the party to the left himself. that tells me the eric cantor's of the word are trying to take the party back from the tea party. that said, you saw that town hall, john mccain, 30% of the republicans who oppose immigration will be vocal, it's hard for the rinos and moderates to take over a party dominated for so long by conservatives. >> real quickly. while some immigration advocates worry ill will would doom a deal they point to the high stakes for both sides, including the fast growing hispanic community,
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that sealed the seconds term. obama and rubio could be frenmys. i point out how interesting it is that the president calls marco rubio while rubio is on his trip to israel. >> it shows how important this is to both sides. i agree with chris, it's important for the republicans to really make sure and grab hold of this issue. what they are doing is stressing the importance of border security. we're having leaders stress that's an important -- the problem with the white house leaked plan is they were unspecified security proposals in that. what rubio is doing and republicans in the gang of eight. any pathway to citizenship plan in an immigration bill must be preceded by strict and string ent border security measures and that is one of the most critical aspects in addition to a guest worker program that will be part of the immigration reform. >> perry bacon and chris kol feen as and alice stewart. thanks. bipartisan ad campaign for
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it's an unprecedented ad campaign putting marriage equality front and center and names names. it features full page ads in major newspapers along with a tv spot using voices of prominent republicans and democrats expressing support for marriage equality. >> they ought to have the same sort of rights that everyone has. >> allowing them to live together under protection of law
8:18 am
it seems to me the way we should be moving in this country. >> freedom means freedom for everyone. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> the joint campaign under the respect for marriage coalition comes as two major cases loom before the supreme court. and several new states consider legalizing marriage equality. evan wolfson, a co-chair of the respect for marriage coalition. it's great to have you here. we know this is serious cash we're talking about. these are major voices that you're using in unison, colin powell, laura bush, the president. talk about that strategy and why you think it's going to be successful? >> america has been on a real journey, people have talked about who gay people are and why marriage matters and majority of the american people now support the freedom to marry. that majority is increasingly a bipartisan majority. we're seeing republicans as well as democrats, conservatives as
8:19 am
well as liberals and business leaders as well as labor leaders supporting the freedom to marry. we want to underscore how the decision to judges or lawyers or justices that the time is now to get america where it needs to be. it's time to end the discrimination. >> certainly you feel encouraged after the ballot measures in november, all four of them went in your favor for equality. now we talked about rhode island, delaware and minnesota among the next states to take up marriage equality. next month we've got the supreme court taking up doma and prop 8. beyond using the sound bites of those prominent names, are they aware of the context and the way their voices are being used? do they support this campaign? we're talking laura bush, colin powell, the president? >> these are thoughtful leaders from the president right through, they choose words carefully and take stands carefully. they weren't all there before but they all have spoken out and
8:20 am
supported the freedom to marry and they're voices matter -- >> they like being used in the campaign? did they say have you reached out to them saying we're using your voices in this fashion? >> they are already on the record and there in public and we want the country to hear it and embrace the leadership. >> the "washington post" ruth marcus calls this obama's marriage equality test in a new op-ed she penned saying a president who speaks so eloquently cannot allow his administration to remain silent before the court where words are translated into reality. so should minority rights be put up to statewide vote for majorities to vote on marriage equality? the president basically said in the interview with robin roberts, that's the way he supports this, that states can figure this out. >> what the president said correctly is that the states are wrestling with this and we're seeing progress in the states, whether it be new york or iowa or four states last november. at the same time, we all have a constitution that guarantees us all protections and
8:21 am
responsibilities and rights under the law. if every time somebody wanted their freedom to be respected, freedom of speech, freedom to marry, they had to but it up to a vote, it wouldn't be a right, it would be a vote. that's not the way america is supposed to work. >> republicans have realized to win elections in the future they need to court latinos and women and court the lgbt vote to be competitive. a new article states home phobia is handy cappying the gop saying that 75% of voters support marriage equality. how can the lgbt community use that as leverage in getting the gop to recognize their rights? the gop can use the ldgt community and they can use the gop in its corner. >> i understand what you're saying but i don't think of it as using but more as both parties need to be where the voters are and where america
8:22 am
should be and the great thing is we're hearing leadership now within the republican party as within the democratic party saying this is not a party question, this is a about fundamental protections and respect for all americans. >> it would be nice to not think that sides weren't using each other, but since we are talking about politics, they are going to be using each other. evan wolfson from freedom to marry. thanks. we have a restaurant burst into flame after a natural zas explosion. cadaver dogs are searching for victims. >> tiger woods handycaps the president's golf game. today's picture brought to you, the u.s. postal office has a new plan to raise cash. in addition to cutting saturday mail, they are going to have a clothing line. it's expected to launch sometime next year. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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a massive explosion sent sthooting flames into the sky last night. one person missing and 14 others injured and officials are investigator what caused the explosion at the long-running jjs restaurant that burnt to the ground. jesse jackson junior just pled guilty in a court in washington, d.c. his wife will appear later today. allen says he wants to focus on the health of his wife and recently cleared of any wrong doing in the general petraeus sex scandal. it's a merger of rivals, office max and office depot have merged as part of an all stock deal with a combined $18 billion
8:27 am
in revenue for 2012. and a major snowstorm is heading towards the midwest and could dump more than a foot of snow by thursday night. however, there is a silver lining here, good news, that storm could bring much needed moisture to areas affected by the drought. we're learning more about the chilling details of a foil murder plot involving justin bieber. police in new mexico released audio made by the mastermind behind the plot in which one of his conspirators explained how he would kas trait the singer. it was planned for december while bieber was in new york city. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious?
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new chilling and riveting testimony but no decision out of south africa in the murder case against olympic track star oscar p pistorius. lawyers question police and neighbors what they saw and heard the night reeva steenkamp was shot and killed.
8:31 am
michel michelle, the prosecution again hammered the athlete in court bringing up the testosterone and needles found in his home by those that were searching it and also questionable ammunition. tell us how the defense was responding to those charges of what was found in the apartment. >> reporter: well, they, the defense hammered the police as well. we should say, they don't know in fact that that was testosterone found in his home but we'll get to that. we had a chief police investigator on the stand and he said that night, the night of the murder, early valentine's day morning, to be precise, pistorius would have had to walk down a 23-foot long hallway and go inside the bathroom and fire through the door of an enclosed toilet four times. he said he would have been wearing his prosthetic legs because the trajectory of the bullets was at a downward angle and all of the bullet holes were fairly high in the door. pistorius, in his account of that night said he was not
8:32 am
wearing his legs. police said they had witness statements, one from a neighbor, a woman who said early that morning she heard fighting for about an hour between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning and soon after that she heard gunfire. another man said that he heard the gunshots, went out on his balcony to see what that was. he claims that the lights were on in pistorius' house that he claims he then heard screams, a woman scream two or three times and then says he heard two or three more gunshots. now this is interesting because of course in pistorius's account he said it was pitch black and he thought his girlfriend was in the bed. he heard a sound in the bathroom and he immediately thought there was an intruder in his house. he said he grabbed his gun and then shot through the door. as for the so-called testosterone, police started out by saying they found testosterone, steroids, needles for injection.
8:33 am
but the defense said wait a second that was an herbal supplement and they questioned the police investigator, he admitted, we don't actually know what that was. i don't in fact know it was testosterone. whatever the substance was, it is now being tested. thomas? >> michelle live in pretoria, south africa. one philadelphia hospital has taken matters into its own hands to combat gun violence. temple university runs a program called cradle to grave, teens are shown the horrific effects of gunshot injuries. here's a look what goes on in the room. a warning for those with young kids with them watching tv, this is going to be pretty intense. >> lamont came in that night and was on this very same stretcher. and the first thing we need to do is find out where all of the bullet wounds are. we took clamps like this to try to close up those holes quickly because all of the blood and fluid we were giving him was just coming right out his heart.
8:34 am
>> joining me now is scott charles, temple university trauma outreach coordinator. it's good to have you with me. as we talk about the program, this takes teens through what happened to a boy named lamont killed when he was 16 years old. you're in the room, you're guiding kids through the events, the disturbing events of that night. what's the reaction of those you're trying to teach? >> thanks for having me, thomas. to be honest, the reaction varies. many times this is the first time a young gunshot patient or -- the first time a high school kid or young person from the community is stepping foot inside the trauma bay. for them it's -- it runs the gam mut, the experiences that they have there. often times it's a very somber experience, they will have just heard the story of lamont's life and here we are walking these students through the final moments of this young man's life. and the goal of the program really is not to scare the kids straight but educate them about
8:35 am
the harsh realities of gun violence. we feel there's no better way to do so than bringing them as close to the experience as we can without them having to be injured first. >> scott, let's talk about the harsh realities of gun violence, specifically for philadelphia. as we look at specifics last year, philly had 331 murders, 90% by guns. this program beginning in '06. explain what prompted the program. >> dr. goldberg had been doing surgery up at temple a number of years and working on so many young people year after year. she felt passionate about bringing kids in so she could meet them as students rather than having to meet them as patients staring up at her. in 2006 we set out to bring in as many young people as we could to counter the methodology that surrounds gun violence. to be clear, gun violence unfortunately is the leading cause of death for young
8:36 am
african-american men in philadelphia. so the point was to bring as many of these young people who stood both literally and figurativety in the cross hairs. the way we understand gun violence both as individuals debating this in america, we understand it from television and through movies and hip hop music, but very few of us understand what is involved with both treating a gunshot patient, and in terms of dealing with the recovery afterward. >> scott, real quickly, i want to ask you because of this program beginning in '06. has temple been able to chart or see a reduction in the type of gunshot wounds that they have had to treat since the program went into effect? is it working? >> yes, well absolutely. thank you for asking that. the goal primarily was to target young folks between 2005 and 2006 when we started this program, we saw 25% increase in
8:37 am
gunshot injury between individuals 16 to 19 during those years. since then, we've enjoyed a 44% decrease in gunshot injuries among those young people. we think that that's a good measure of our success. but we also have looked at data doing both presurvey and post survey to measure attitudes towards guns and violence for individuals who had come through the program. following the program, individuals who have attended the program see violence as a less realistic and less meaningful form of response to aggression and to shame. really, we think that's a powerful measure of what we're able to accomplish with the program. >> scott, as we've been hearing, the national conversation about gun violence has been raised. last night on "politics nation." reverend al sharpton had the mom
8:38 am
of a girl shot. take a listen to what angela blake had to say about her child. >> i cannot believe this. this is ridiculous. my child was a very sweet child and to go on such a senseless manner, it makes no sense. >> how are urban centers like philadelphia, chicago, are they missing out on the conversation, the gun violence conversation that's being had in washington, d.c. as we focus on the magazine clips and assault weapons, when it's a harder fact as you pointed out that there is urban gun violence that happens every day in our cities. >> yeah, i mean the thing about hospitals, we're uniquely positioned to understand this issue. i think one of the things that is removed from this debate is a true understanding of the consequences of gun violence. and rarely is it the case that the folks that are talking about this have actually been in the room to see a young person look up at them and say, please save me, i don't want to die.
8:39 am
then to have to go out and tell the family like this young woman's family, that the person they love the most is not coming home to them. i think if we had a better grasp of this reality, it would really change the lens through which we're talking about this issue. >> scott charles with temple university, nice to have you on with me today. thanks for your time. >> thank you, thomas. >> i want to continue the conversation and invite congresswoman spear to join us. you are the vice chair of the gun violence prevention task force and victim of af shooting yourself. joe biden did this facebook town hall yesterday and made the case for why regular people don't need assault weapons. take a listen. >> if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun. you don't need an ar-15, it's harder to aim and harder to use and in fact you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself.
8:40 am
buy a shotgun. >> some people might have been taken back by that. does that help lead itself to the message the white house supports second amendment rights of every american and this is more about gun violence, not about taking your gun away? >> absolutely. i think what the vice president was saying was that if you want to protect yourself and want a gun in the home, you don't need an ar-15, get a shotgun. get a hand gun. for those of us that believe that it's also important that we inform the public that having guns in the home creates a greater likelihood for murder and suicide, so make the decision and if you want to have it for protection, have the appropriate type of gun. >> certainly there's great responsibility that comes along with being a gun owner in this country, a responsible one. one thing i do want to point out, the nra is reportedly
8:41 am
launching this new add campaign tomorrow in a dozen states targeting several senators up for re-election. what would you say to your democratic colleagues who may want to vote in favor of gun violence legislation but they are facing a tough re-election? >> you know, we're elected to do the courageous thing. there were a lot of members of congress who voted to give african-americans the right to vote, to get rid of slavery. and they were going to lose their elections but they recognized that it was the right thing to do. we're in congress to do the right thing, not to get re-elected over and over geb. >> jackie speier, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> sure. >> coming up next, why the twitter accounts of so many high profile companies are being breached by cyber attackers. plus, ain't no stopping them now. chris christie has record high approval ratings and pretty clear path to re-election. today's question for you, shame strategy wilt president obama's
8:42 am
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siemens. answers. welcome back, we want to take you to chicago. this is video that's just into us of congressman jesse jackson jr. who was in court to plead guilty this morning to conspiracy count involving misuse of more than $750,000 in campaign cash. now they have set a sentencing date for june 28th at 2:00 p.m. these are live pictures coming out to make a statement to the press. they had staked out right there outside of the courthouse. we want to go ahead and listen in. the sentencing date is set for june 28th at 2:00 p.m. >> obviously this has been a very difficult morning for all of us who care about jesse jackson. but it was a morning that had to come. jesse needed to come to terms with his misconduct and those who were in court saw he did precisely that. he had to come to terms for
8:46 am
conduct that people who care about him find very hard to understand. and the process that begins now is explaining that conduct to the audience that counts and that's obviously the sentencing judge. and the way we're going to do it, it's not going to be on the courthouse steps, not going to be to oprah, no offense to oprah, we're going to do it as lawyers. we're going to do it with court documents and evidence and witnesses and with argument. i hope you all respect that. there is a -- i'm a guy who sees the glass half full. there is reason for optimism. a man that talented, a man that devoted to public service, a man who has done so much for so many has another day. there will be another chapter in jesse jackson's life and it will be a chapter that will bring joy to the people who care about him. i will answer a question that i received many times and it's a question about how he's doing. it turns out that jesse has
8:47 am
serious health issues, many of you know about them or we're going to talk about them extensively with the court. those health issues are directly related to his present predid meant. he has turned a corner there as well. he has gotten great treatment and has great doctors and gotten his arm around the problem. time will tell but we are optimistic. finally we're hopeful and we expect that there will be fairness in the process. a a person who contributed so much to his community, done so much for so many people, will and should get credit for it. and finally, of course, his primary concern, jesse is many things, including being a terrific father. he has two small children and we're hopeful in short order or
8:48 am
reasonably short order jesse again will be a full-time wonderful caring devoted dad. thank you very much. >> they came out after the court hearing this morning for jesse jackson jr. who entered his plea the guilty. the judge setting a date for june 28th. the interesting part while jackson will be out of jail, he has to relinquish his passport and cannot reside in d.c. or chicago until sentencing and must report for testing once a week. testing for i think the substance abuse and health issues that the lawyer was referring to right there. major american companies are kicking into high gear to prevent another round of suspected targeted cyber attacks. apple releasing software to detect and fix infections like the ones hackers installed into the mac computers and same that facebook adds mits they were a
8:49 am
victim of and burger king also got hijacked. dan, let's talk about this. apple, facebook, burger king, jeep, giant brands, big companies, a lot at stake when it comes to social media and certainly computers for hacking. explain how this is possible. >> they are happening in the same week, not all exactly related. apple and twitter and facebook got tripped up by the software xploet which is apple is fixing this week. the twitter account hacks seem more basic, maybe phishing attacks, we're not certain yet. all of these things can happen all at once and cascade on you. >> this is nothing more than a consequence of odd timing, not a bigger conspiracy, however when we talk about the chinese government and its cyber attacks on 141 companies, this comes as the 7-year linked in on that together. >> we should be aware of this
8:50 am
especially with the big report about the chinese state sponsored hacker. this is going on for years. the fact we're acknowledging it more now and tieing it significantly into a group of people within china is super important. >> what about on the reverse? what we are doing as a country when it comes to hacking and the way we explain it? >> i think we need to do, the private companies need to take charge of their security and watch out for job exploits like what happened with apple and facebook and train employees to not fall for phishing caexams, need individual responsibility. >> do we have enough tools in the arsenal to keep people -- enough punishment if people are caught? >> what you'll have is a constant state for years to come of people finding new exploits and we're going to catch them and a constant back and forth. >> coming up for everybody, chris christie topping the
8:51 am
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so we asked and you answered. shame strategy, will president obama's approach work? the gop wants to appear to change its ideology. they don't know how. maybe shame will work. from nancy, no, recent events with obama's name on it is rejected. keep the comments coming. is there no stopping chris christie? a poll gives the new jersey governor a sky high 74% approval rating, highest rating of any governor in 17 years. joining me, co-author of "chris christ christie: the inside story of his rise to power" book. "time" magazine recently calling him the boss, putting him on the cover, giving him the props there, but if we look at the
8:55 am
hypothetical chances of him in 2016, he's neck and neck with hillary clinton, edging out her with independents, which is huge, but then the man who called him a rhino for embracing president obama, and with that label on him, can he unite republicans behind him? >> i think that's going to be one of the arguments that he's going to make coming out of these polls. incidentally, yesterday, i had a conversation with him about polls, not this one, but he was talking about polls go up and down and he expects it to go up and down, but he's going to use it to show he can bring people to the. he can get votes from republicans, as well as independents and democrats. >> a recent op-ed makes the case for christie. rubio had been called the republican savior. >> right. >> meanwhile, though, we have a new poll giving rubio a 26% favorability rating after his state of the union response, the watergate, and a recent "usa today" op-ed makes this case, again, putting christie over
8:56 am
rubio. do you think that these are going to be the two men that we watch? >> well, the media certainly plays up rubio, and the conversation yesterday i made a remark that looked like the republican bench was rather thin, and he disagreed with me on that. he named a few people, all of them were governors, and they do have an advantage, the governors, because they actually run a government. when you're in the senate, what do you do, argue with the white house. >> his whole thing, christie, not throwing his hat in the ring in the past campaign season is because he wants to keep his governorship. 2016 rolls around, he's primed and ready to go. >> that's right. if he had gotten in and lost, it might have made it harder for him to be reelected governor. and getting reelected governor of a blue state like new jersey is one of the important things for him if he wants to go on 2016. >> author of "chris christie: inside his story of his rise to power" book. see you back here at 2:00 p.m. i'm filling in for tamron on
8:57 am
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